Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Frankenstein Story (Not for kids!)

I went to Hospital Kuala Lipis on Wednesday (previous week). Another appointment (which supposed to be in March at the first place, but turned May [after 3 times changed the date] since I was so busy bee for long period) to see the orthopedist. Regarding my tendon injury. Since February, I noticed there were two sutures remained hidden under the skin of my middle finger (where the tendon was cut). So I told the doctor (a young lady) to remove 'em. I knew already she had to slice my skin (I'm willingly asking her that favour T_T).

Let's see the step. Click the photo to enlarge.


1. Get ready.

2. Anaesthetic (yey!) - the dark colour wasn't my blood, it's just iodine.

3. Slice! Cut! Chop! OH NO! (watch the red circle. that's the blade! so cute.)

4. Let's dig and pick. Ouch. (Several times my finger had to be slice again and again, 
since it's hard to pull out the suture)

5. Stitching ( with a kind of suture will decay 'emself)

6. Tadaaa~ DONE! (^__^)Y
I'm the real FRANKENSTEIN.

6. Put the splint.

Extra recoding:

1. See how the doctor try to pick the suture out.
I know it's not so clear LOL

2. How to make a Frankenstein =)

Well, how did I feel? I just felt like 'err... my finger seems to be like a thin rubber layer when she (doctor) cut it' LOL. I becoming senseless watching what the doctor did to my finger 'cuz the pain wasn't same as before (when my tendon injured), that's why I dare to watch the step from A to Z and even snapped the photos myself! Plus, the remaining sutures actually knotted (estimated 1cm each) inside my finger, that's why I always felt so uncomfortable. Thanks to Allah and I felt very relieved. :D

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