Monday, December 19, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 3: The multicultural Cambodian

It's the third day in Cambodia and we wished it'd be rest day. Yes, because Makcik wanted us to rest, not in the village but somewhere else, in Baray Takla. It's about 2 hours from Mongkol Borey village.

As we arrived there, we hunted for fruits first!

 Coming here by boat, yes very cute picnic port!

I don't know what to call those swinging thingy, but the Champa call it as yin.

I chose the yin which is nearest to the water. 

After picnic some hours - we headed back, this is our driver for 4 days - 
Sik Lim (means Uncle Muslim), he's Makcik's relative. 

Next, we call in to Cambodia Cultural Village - the show had already begun at 3 but we entered at 4.
By the place name, you can guess what is it about.

Some dancing shows we managed to watch. Nay, I wasn't so enjoy watching people dance.

After the dancing shows - we moved to acting shows.
Thespians were waiting for audiences before acting on stage. 
Well, please ignore my appearance :P

 This story was about the how Cambodian back-days worked in mine, some searching stones for their income, including some jokes about hunter and animal.

 While this show was about 3 men from different country proposing a native girl in Cambodia. (Orange: India, Blue: Malay, Red: Chinese)

Another show about magical weapon. What made the performance so interesting was they'd pick any willing audience to join them on stage, and he/she would need to put in their costume as well :)

 Plus, they're very sporting. Don't get wrong idea, I wasn't so close, the orange boy was standing behind me actually. When thanking him for the good performance, he replied "Thank you. See you when you see me." How funny. =)

 Oh wait, during the show from where we begun watching, I spotted this monk was one of the audience.
My imaginary dialogue:
Calling person: Hey monk, where have you been till now? Come back to temple!
Monk: Owh come on... gimme a break, I'm watching great shows!
No offense.

They're 4 acting shows and ended at 8 pm.


ahsfantasy24 said...

Weh, jauh kau pergi.........
ada ole2 untuk aku tak wa?? hehe :)

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