Friday, June 24, 2011

God is testing my faith

My left eye seems quite troublesome now. I've just noticed this problem since previous Saturday when my left eyes produced lots tears when I inserted my lens on it. On Tuesday, I tried to insert it back, and again same problem occurred at my left eye. I could only see clearly by right eye. What could I see obviously was sticky tears at my left lens - not at my right lens. Tears couldn't stop flowing and I kept rubbing my left eye until it got red and very itchy.

The next day, during the art lecture, I did the same thing - kept rubbing my left eye. Thus, I've just noticed something seems Déjà vu - I used to do the same thing ever since previous semester during lecture before I started using lens - before April. I've just realized it was one of the reason why I always needed Eye Mo every time, it because when my left eye keep flowing with tears, I kept rubbing and this made my eye irritated. I always feel that Eye Mo could relieve my eyes perfectly - though I know there's side effect for constant using. When I closed and opened my left eye, I felt like a thick membrane existed on it for a few seconds. I searched some information regarding eyes problem, and one of the thing I'm afraid most is glaucoma.

I decided to go hospital today to check it so I went out with Anne at 3.30pm - accompanying her to BSN to make her new ATM card at the first place. Lots people in the bank. Anne's turn was at 4.15pm. While waiting, I kept rubbing my left eye with tissue - tears getting more sticky. After she had successfully renewing her new pin number at the ATM outside, one of the banker came to us and asked Anne about internet banking. He asked me to do the same thing - I told him I've unsuccessfully registered the BSN internet banking 2 times and he ordered me to get the new iPin from the ATM. I made a straight face. Guess what appeared on the ATM slip? 

2 Policemen on duty standing at the door and started having a short conversation with me.

Policeman 1 : Ok dik?
I                   : (shook my head and showed the ATM slip stated DENIED)
Policeman 1 : Awak cukup 18 tahun tak?
I                   : CUKUPLAH! (suddenly little bit pissed off)
Policeman 1 :  Ye ke???
Policeman 2 : Betul dah 18? Lahir bulan berapa?
Policeman 1 : Umur sekarang berapa dik?
I                   : Saya 22 lah! (unsatisfied tone)
Policeman 2 : Eh 22? Sama dengan saya la!
I                    : ...........
Policeman 1 : Laaa... biar betul dah 22 budak ni...
I                    : (=.=)"
Policeman 2 : (Talked to Policeman 1) Umur sama dengan saya rupanya...
I                   : (ignored)

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude by raising my voice, but I kept thinking it's already 4.50pm and I was chasing the time to go to hospital. I was just little pissed off with the banker asking Anne to get into the bank again to promote internet and mobile banking. Finally we arrived at the hospital at 5.13pm - just few people waiting there. I asked a nurse whether I still could get treatment and she said it's already closed. Well, I didn't blame anyone for what happened, Allah is always testing my faith. So just be more patient dear myself. I still have my right eye =)


nabil nabilah said...

be strong. insyaAllah everything will be alright.
: )

wawamagic said...

of course la. i'm stronger than sotong & tauhu ha3

Anonymous said...

hee... kelakar la conversation tu...