Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(photo from google)

No, I'm not cursing, don't get wrong idea please. Previous Saturday I attended Edy & Ain's wedding. Bongek is Edy's hometown, located in Negeri Sembilan. Again I say, it's a LOCATION, not a curse ha3.

As usual, my journey started from Kuala Lipis (alone) and while waiting Abang Long to fetch me at Times Square, I did shopping alone he3. Not much shopped - just Elianto to purchase BB cream, Bread Story to purchase lots lots lots of breads and IT Centre for Abang's iPad's screen protector. Actually I wish to drop by at Watson but Abang already called me to hurry up since it's almost raining out there.

My two handsome devils (no, watch their shirt) - of course I was one be their guardian in the car (=.=)"

Why I'm so good be their car's guardian? Cuz Adam will surely sleep on my lap. No matter how naughty are you, you still an adorable kid, Adam. ^_^

Aiden the shorty curly curly perm kiddie refused to follow anyone except my Ayah, and Aiden calls everyone as "Ayah" including me, his Mommy, strangers, etc. The one he calls correctly is Tok Ayah, Abang (Adam), Ayah (my Abang Long).

I sat at the VVIP seat - which suppose to be Mama's place (it's okay, my face resembles to Mama already, who'd recognize I'm not her? He3), and it's my 2nd round meal. (Actually it was at last minute I need to replace Mama suddenly). People mostly targeted the prawns, but me - seafood? Huh~ bye2... (x.x)

Just a single random vain. LOL.

Meet Atin (Ain's sis) - Atin used to be called as "my twin" and "my best friend" before I went to college. Ha3 it's just me whom so friendly with kid. Atin is 13 already now. (Now she's getting darker like me ho3)

Abang Long is an amazing driver. He can sleep anywhere!

Finally! Photo of my family with Ain + Edy. Welcome to our tree, Edy. Ha3

Bye Ain, bye Edy, bye BONGEK!! Nyahahahaha!!! I didn't know the existence of Bongek until I met Edy. It was a time I joked to Ain "Bongek la ko! Ha3" and Ain said to low down my tone with bongek word and suddenly Edy said "Wei bongek bongek jangan sebut. Kampung aku la!" *chuckled*

Thanks a lot to Edy's family. They're great! Kampung Bongek's scenery is so beautiful with fresh environment! I hope to visit there again later c:


nabil nabilah said...

serius Bongek memg cntik... nak ambik wedding photo kat cne lah.. hehe

wawamagic said...

bongek mmg cantik + photographer dia superB!

Anonymous said...

wawa , ko ingat Lg ea ayat ak bLe ko sebut nme kg ak . ayat tu pLing sensitip bLe sape2 kutuk nme bongek , hehe !

wawamagic said...

hai cousin baru xD