Friday, July 1, 2011

Pottery making in Temin

Yesterday, 2 PSV units (mine and senior) went to Pusat Kraf Temin, Jerantut for pottery making. From the campus at 7.30am, we arrived there almost 9.00 am. If you've been to Jerantut, you know how the road is - like a safety roller-coaster. Every student required to make at least 3 types of pottery in different techniques - scabbing, coiling, throwing and (I forgot another one).

Temin Kraf - pottery : ceramic and porcelain.

Owner: Cik Mat (back with blue shirt) and a practical student making a demonstration of coiling technique.

Let's play with clay - it's fun. ^__^

Scabbing technique - gluing the clay to cover holes, flaws, etc.

Throwing - my face looked like ceramic with glazing already.

Some samples of our masterpieces. 

The ceramics will be burnt in a furnace to get rid of water contained in the clay and next to be covered by glazing and burn again. We left the 'em and return back to campus at about 5.30 pm. It was a very freaking tiring day, I couldn't even feel my palm due tiredness kneading the clay.

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