Saturday, July 9, 2011


"Take problems as God's ways to improve you. 
Remember, it takes a ton of pressure to make a diamond.
- E&S

I always tell myself that I'm a strong person - and acclaimed myself I'm stronger than titanium. Allah doesn’t give me more than I can handle. I won't let something that doesn't matter cause me to lose something that does. 

No matter how bad it seems, I won't turn my back from Allah. He's the only one that will always be there for me. I'm blessed that I was born as a Muslim, so I learn every single day that faith and patience are the things that every mankind must have inside their soul, and never ever let it go.

"Sometimes the toughest people are the easiest to hurt. 
Treat people carefully and remember, feelings are fragile.
- Unknown

So do mine. My heart could easily broken. But my mind will fight back telling me the broken pieces must be joint together immediately to get back the real form. That's why when I was condemned badly by someone, I just kept silent. I studied back what that person said - perhaps I'd get certain points for my self improvement. 

The reason I didn't fight back is not because I'm weak, but I'm strong enough to say - I don't even give a damn! I have my courtesy, I don't want to act rude. If I did, you'd regret, so do I. Because I will eventually say "This is so not myself". 

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