Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend with family

2 observations previous week didn't give me good smile. I don't want to talk more about it, well I'm still okay. As result, a ran away. Actually not that serious, I just suddenly craving to eat at Sushi King when Kakak asked me about her member card. Plus, I missed Aiden a lot, and I want to see Adam as well. 

Kakak wanted me to take KTM from TBS to Kajang, which I've never done that - and I always say I NEVER take KTM at any cost. One lucky thing was, Amal, one of my batch mate was going back to Kajang as well - thanks to her dad for fetching us at LRT Sungai Besi and dropped me at Metropoint Kajang. He dropped me exactly in front of Starbucks Coffee (SC) - he suggested me to taste some cakes while waiting for Kakak. Actually I wanna go to Secret Recipe (SR) - thinking about greentea cheesecake that I badly wanna try since previous February! Since I didn't see the SR around, I went to Baskin Robbins (BR) and had 3 scoops of ice cream.

*sobs* Good girl was having her ice-cream alone.
3 fav flavours: Choc mint, almond mocha, blackforest c:

Until the last drop, Kakak hadn't shown up.
I was so grrr.... and I felt like turning my back and she's there. =.="
Looked like she's disappointed that I finished the ice cream already hahahah~
*and when I walked leaving BR, I found out the SR is actually beside SC*
*feel like struck by lightning*

It's dinner time! 
Nyaha! I was soooo delighted!!!
Last time I went to Sushi King was around May or June last year!
Kyaaaa~ sushi wa daisuki! >.<

Small saucer: the disappointing takoyaki - I'd rather choose Jusco's.
Bowl: rice with scrambled egg and BBQ sausages + lettuce and mayonnaise.
I badly craving the squid-formed sausages since I watched it in Inusyasha at 2003! :D
Kakak said don't order weird food just because it looks cute - but who think I'd listen?

Going to Kakak's house, I found she bought many DVDs and I want to watch Green Lantern (cuz it's starred by Ryan Reynolds) but Kakak said the movie was sucks. She pestered me to watch Harry Potter 7 Part 1 since she booked the Part 2 ticket for Saturday. (4 seats for us + Adam & Aiden). She said I must watch part 1 first or else I'd keep wondering the plots. Really great weekend night, we watched Sucker Punch as well (and this is truly a horrible movie!)

We took Adam on Saturday at his granny's house (without Aiden cuz Abang Long didn't let Aiden joined us). During the movie, Adam with his quite loud voice tone keep asking us "Eh? Kenapa telinga dia tajam, gigi dia tajam, hidung dia tajam?? Dia toyol ke, Cuwawa???" (referred to the elf). "Kenapa orang botak yang takde hidung tu kepala dia macam nak pecah?" (referred to Voldermort's head with clear veins). Well, he's smart actually. We told him to low down his voice for anything he's asking. But since it's my 4-year-old Adam, he whispered like normal talk. LOL. After about an hour, he slept on my lap. No wonder why he acted so awkwardly. 2.00++pm is Adam's sleeping time, we should've more alert about it. Plus, Harry Potter is our childhood movie, not Adam's, no wonder he didn't enjoy it. But I felt he's acting very cute and adorable. ^_^

Sending Adam back to his granny's house, I met Kak Reeny and Aiden, they're from Pudu. Less than 30 minutes to see Aiden. *sobs*. Looked like Aiden was excited seeing me. When I carried him, he was uttering many words to me. His vocabulary has increased. I love playing with infant that just begin to talk, it feels like playing with Talking Tom in iPhone. Ha3!!!


nabil nabilah said...

jom pg mkn sushi kat bp mall!

wawamagic said...

yes, after ko kwin dgn supervisor sn.

ahsfantasy24 said...

selamat menamatkan praktikum weh..
kita da sparuh jalan da nei, heheh~

nabil nabilah said...

impossible.. ha3