Sunday, July 3, 2011

Would you marry me if I could be very handsome

A step to my hometown, to attend Ain's wedding.

From Lipis to Puchong:
Meeting him is MANDATORY.
Kiddie you're so adorable! 
I knew you just wanted to play with the kitty-face bread.

From Puchong to Yong Peng with Abang Ngah and Kak Anis, I was "zzz..." in the car and arrived at home at very very very sleepy hour. My appearance at hometown was a surprised for Ain's family - since I said I couldn't to attend her wedding due my packed schedule. 
Ain is my cousin, we went to the same school since Primary 4 to Form 5 - for  8 years. She's my closest cousin - one of the reason is we born in the same year. She's my playmate (we love playing paper doll mostly), my fighting mate, and even my partner-in-crime. But after SPM, we made our own way differently. I wasn't her bridemaid on her wedding, but I was her whole-day-messenger ha3.

Since we're kid, we used to say we wanted to get married at the same time - but she surpassed me already LOL. At her engagement day previous year, she asked me "Bila kau nak cari boyfriend? Kata nak bersanding sama-sama." Of course it's too early for me - I'm focusing on my study, yet my elder sister hasn't get married. Ain got her lover much earlier than me, and she's graduated and working already - so I said "Jangan tunggu aku la. ha3"

Oh, I almost forgotten to say, she's married with Edy, her colleague - a friendly guy from Negeri Sembilan.

 At the evening, she asked me to accompany her for outdoor photo shooting.
1st location: I guess this is a haunted house.
 Almost decayed house structure - I couldn't stand with the mosquitoes!

2nd location: Pantai Minyak Beku

It's a new experience for me watching how they did the outdoor wedding photography, carrying Ain's veil, watching out her step (the bride was wearing heels of course), standing by with Edy's coat, and their umbrella (maybe I'd be good to be her best woman he3). Luckily the photographer is very friendly, so I didn't feel awkward following 'em. I couldn't wait to see the last photo - 3 of us with very beautiful scenery. Another benefit was - I finally stepped on to Pantai Minyak Beku! It may be odd to know someone who was raised in Batu Pahat has never been to this beach - it's funny to think back I went to many beaches in Malaysia, but not at my own place.

p/s: please ignore the title, it has nothing to do with her marriage. hahahahahah~


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