Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twenty second.

Alhamdullilah I reached 22 this year. Thank you to all wishes; via messages, via calls, and via facebook. Do you know what is the symptom for birthday wishes?

While that night, I got my 1st birthday present - from beloved gay one. She knows me a lot, she knows what I like, and I really love that blue plushie - looks like onion. But she didn't wish me. HA HA HA. She came to complete her resume for job interview. Maybe I should request MARA to give her more scholarship to study abroad, then I can increase my foreign gift collections. LOL. If only that easy xD

The same day, I'm on my journey to see my newborn nephew - Muhammad Aisy Fayyad bin Mirdza whom was born at 1st November. (01/11/11) Pretty cool date baby, but why didn't you wait the next day so that we can celebrate birthday together every year? :/


Dr.Senbe said...

Aku wish la. Aku ckp "selamat hari tua" time tu ko je yg x prsn smpai hati sobs *drama*

wawamagic said...

tu la ko sp suh kata aku mamai kan smua bnda aku dh x igt :P