Monday, November 14, 2011

The meow box

Guess what the heck is this kitten?

Yesterday, while I was spraying my glasses, suddenly I dropped it on the floor. And the result - the left glass went out from the frame. I tried to put it in back, but failed. I wonder something wrong with the frame strap for the glass. No optometrist opens on Sunday, so... :'(

The result is, I have to open another pair of toric lens. Actually I was planning to reduce the usage of lens 'cuz glasses is much brighter and clearer indeed. However, I'm consider as lucky having the lens as "substitute eyes" ha3. Now I can really see the benefit making one.

The kitten is my lensbox, I purchased it previous fasting month, cuz it seems cute ha3. Good, I use it finally. And just look at my handsome glasses, truly handsomely testing my patience. While not going out from my campus this exam fever, I have to use the lens the whole week. >.<