Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spending 4 days in hospital

It started on previous Saturday, about 6.00 am, I was awaken when Abang Long called, asking me to go back home. Mama was going for operation that morning, she's having fibroid. I was surprised. Just the previous week I met her, she's in pink of health. Some of my family members were having fibroid operation before, and I've known it doesn't threat life so much. On the same day, I was in my scouting programme - JOTA JOTI, and I was going to get my Wood Badge (consider as one of scout rank). However, I chose to see Mama instead of the award. As I reached KL, Ayah called me, telling that the surgeon said the operation was going to be postponed next Wednesday due some extraordinary result they've just found. I was (-___-)" but I proceeded my plan to go back, with Kakak.

I requested the Student's Affair Dept. to go back - since I'm a non-troublesome student, they approved my leave easily. As I reached home at mid-night with Abang Long, all other brothers and sisters in law have reached. Only Kakak didn't get her early leave.

Mama was admitted in Hospital Pantai Batu Pahat. 11.00 am - went to Surgery Hall.

We, Mama's children and grandchildren, prayed that everything will going fine.
The operation finished at about 2.00 pm. Thank you Allah.
I'd been accompanying Mama after that, until she discharged for 4 days and 3 nights. 
(Adam was just my props, he'd never slept in hospital I bet ha3)

Every single day, the kids came visiting Mama. They'll go back at evening. 

Every single night, Ayah's iPad was accompanying me.
I couldn't play internet if my 'walking modem' (Abang Long's iPhone) gone. T_T

I wasn't alone all time. Ayah and Kakak were staying as well. 
They = One person one night. Me = a person for all nights.

Saturday: Mama discharged. Alhamdullilah. C:
By the way, would you study anatomy a little bit?

Top: Fat
Left: Appendix
Middle: Uterus
Right: Fibroid tumor (or ???)

Ayah told me before, the doctor said Mama should've known the fibroid existence in her body since I was born. How come she felt that just previous week ago? Only Allah knows.
According to image from the scan, it's only 12 cm, when it came out, could you believe it's only 12 cm? I watched in TV before, these thing could even reached to coconut size, and even bigger!
Plus, the surgeons said her fibroid is quite extraordinary, they're afraid if only it's cancer cell. They send it to KL lab for further research. But we keep praying it wouldn't trouble Mama anymore.

High gratitude to Allah, and thank you everybody whom pray for Mama's health, moral support and visiting her.  :)