Saturday, December 31, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 10: Bye hometown ;)

Last day in Phnom Penh Airport, waiting for AA counter to be opened. 

Bye hometown - that's Makcik's line, not me. hahahaah~
9 days living abroad - I truly missed nasi lemak! waaaa~

To be honest, I did enjoy myself living in Cambodia, it taught me to be thankful living in my own country. I'm not boasting saying Malaysia is absolutely perfect, but after living in the village for so many days, I learned how to live without internet, not enough electricity, no air-cond. However, for the villagers - they never use such lame excuses to be left behind. Though it may look like Malaysia in 60s, the villagers are very hardworking, having more than a single job is such a normal thing for people there, even the youngsters are so workaholic helping out their parents. I was so moved! T_T

p/s: Visiting Cambodia wasn't my in my plan during this holiday. It happened by chance when Kak Reeny told me Makcik was going to visit her hometown. I was pestered to purchase the tickets 3 days before departing. Hahahaha~


~cik atin~ said...

i2 yg org kate. jaoh perjalanan luas pemandangan. bertambah pengalaman. hati pasti terkesan :)

selamat tahun baru akak (^,^)

Najwa Frankenstein said...

btul ckp kamu. selamat tahun baru :)