Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 4: The day off

Off day, we refused to visit anywhere. And by chance, Makcik told us she's truly taking break, since it was Asyura Day. LOL. Makcik wished to join the community activity in the mosque in front of her brother's house (we called him Tneh Man - means Uncle Sulaiman), home where we stayed.

 The breakfast: In Malaysia, we call is as laksa, in Cambodia, they call it pchok.
Served with fresh veggies (cucumber, long bean, ginger flower, etc.), chilli, chilli flakes and sugar (optional).

 As usual, my hobby there was watching blacksmith in front of the house.
 Spying kindergarten kids dating under the house.

 Playing with little baby.

Greeting shopkeeper. 

 Tneh Man's wife gave me this fruit. I forgot the name, but the skin is hard like coconut shell, while the flesh tastes so sweet :)

A type of pickles, I was lost what fruit was this. Served with blended chilli + sugar + salt. My Javanese tongue couldn't accept it, I'm not pickles fan either.

Then we disturbed this bloke while he's taking wudhu'. Cuz I was so eccentric watching this water pump. I used to see this stuff when I watched anime My Neighbour Totoro. Finally it appeared in front of my eyes. When I took the photo, people there were surprised. Shida told 'em (cuz she can speak in Champa) that I was a Malaysian girl. One man joked, "Malaysia might be poorer country than Cambodia since such thing is not available in Malaysia." HAAHAHAH. This pump does exist in Malaysia, but I've never seen it. ;)

Then we the girls all sleeping after Zohor prayer. Makcik woke me up, asking me to take photograph at the mosque since the villagers are making Asyura porridge, I just said "yes" several times but didn't opened my eyes. We're just too exhausted 3 days going so many places. We all awaken after Asar, and Tneh Man's wife invited us to eat. Weee~ I really love it!

The Champa style Asyura porridge: Contains fish, meatball, beansprout. 
(Of course this wasn't mine since I don't eat beansprout)

The porridge served with blended chilli, lime, fried chopped garlic and bean paste.

While we're eating, Tneh Man's youngest son, Ali, 2, was wiping his father's motorcycle. He's cute :)

After eating, we walking again the whole village, this was what we purchased:
Nompang krem (Ice cream bread)

Keep walking and yey~ we're invited to eat this - nhem  (pronounced as 'name')
It's fish filling mixed with lemon grass, blackpepper, onion and salt.
Make it like patty. My most favourite food ever in Cambodia.

Nhem is served with papaya studs (extra chilli if you love spicy like me).
Wow splendid! I wanna stay here forever!!!! LOL

Returning back to Tneh Man's house, her wife gave me this lotus and she taught how to eat the seed inside. I was awkward and suddenly little Ali said something to me. He meant, "Give it a try". Waaa~ I was so moved this toddler said that to me. ^_^

Day off, food ON!


~cik atin~ said...

waaa...syok betol bace journey akak..hope one day dpat jejak kaki ke sane...he3

Najwa Frankenstein said...

insyallah~ g sana bgus buat charity, diorg pun suka org msia sbb diorg kata org kita generous :)