Thursday, December 22, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 6: I like Mongkol Borey

It's the sixth day and we still playing around in the village. From morning till evening, we followed Makcik continued visiting all her relatives in the neighbourhood before we left next day.

 Visiting sick old man whom used to be a Bilal in the village.

 While visiting, I spotted man selling ice-cream!
 1 ice cream for 20 cent. Owh how I miss this childhood snack!

 Visiting young lady finishing up fish net with some iron rings. Well I don't know what's that actually.

 Lunch. Very healthy and delicious food. Less oil, less cholesterol.

 Sugar cane! 10 pieces for 20 cent. But since I was known as a kind and generous lady, they give me for free ha3

 Sightseeing at the mosque - just noticed there's graveyard.

 This gay cat - I'm gonna miss him forever. He loves me a lot. Once I woke up in the morning, he's sleeping beside me, outside the valance.

 Another exotic fruit. I failed to swallow it.

 Evening - playing with kiddies.

 I spotted missionaries from Thailand visiting the blacksmith. The boy (right) is the villager accompanying 'em.

 My small fans. Hehe. Lost communication. They loved my camera actually. I noticed my skin looked tanner.

  The last dinner in Mongkol Borey village. Kuay teow with fish and meatballs. 

 This is Mongkol Borey monument. It represents a man (farmer) whom was chasing a lady in paddy field. The 2 cows represents the man was rich with properties and that's one of his way to approach the lady.

next day: gonna leave this village. sobs. i liked them already. :/


atikah said...

banyak jugak side dishes.. dah macam korea. keke. eh tapi buah ekszotik cute la.

Najwa Frankenstein said...

buah exotic rasa aneh.