Saturday, December 24, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 8: Up to Udong Hill

Second day in Chrok Miet, I met one of Makcik's relative, called Maisam. She's 19, same age as Shida, despite her younger age than me, she's very friendly. She brought us to Udong Hill, one of the hot spot nearby Chrok Miet. 

 The tallest girl (left) is Maisam.
p/s: I always invisible in photo, cuz I was the great lady behind the lens. sobs.

 Estimated more than 30 minutes to reach the top, where the Buddhist temple is located.
One of the garden before reaching the top.

 Going down, a troop of monkeys attacked us! They're hunting for food! We're so anxious and suddenly by chance two monks passed by and all the monkeys dispersed. Owww thank you monks! Got fb? :P

Could you believe this flower is edible? According my tongue (LOL), this flower was same as cucumber taste. 

Less photos, less chronicle to recall. T_T


ahsfantasy24 said...

Wa, berapa riban abes duit kt sana?
ade aku teringin ni, nanti aku nak kena
kumpul awal-awal, ehhe..

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Najwa Frankenstein said...

he3 nti la aku ckp :)