Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 9: The Royal One

I forgot to tell at the previous post, we went to Phnom Penh at the evening after climbing the Udong Hill. Arrived at night, we stayed in another Makcik's relative's house.  

 I met this girl in the house. She's cute like babydoll and very polite + ladylike.
Good icon of Muslimah. =)

Today's programme: Visiting around Phnom Penh - with tuktuk! :D

Visiting The Royal Palace - it's a museum actually. They placed golden Buddhist statues and some tributes to the kingdom from other countries - Vietnam, Tanah Melayu, Thailand, etc. No photos allowed inside the palace. 
(Hey I paid for 25 000 Riel but no photos???? grr!)

 No photo?? This is the place you prohibit! Don't challenge on me!
(I love the ceiling design ^_^)

One of  photo-allowed-corner. Those are the mannequins of lady-in-waiting (servant) with different colour of uniforms. From left; start Monday to Sunday uniforms. They required to change the uniform daily. Cool! :)
(oh it's like playing Gaiaonline!)

 They accompanied us along the roads in Phnom Penh. Don't ask where I was - great photographer.

 White catfsih in the pond. I wonder if this one is albino or the species really exists.

 Playing the weaving stuff. This thing is available in Malaysia, but I've never tried it before. 

Not just an atlas, see how to pronounce Terengganu in Khmer ^_^

After visiting the Royal Palace, we rounded the whole main road in this capital city.
 The embassy building. I saw Jalur Gemilang. Waaaa I miss nasi lemak!!!
Called in some market places - here's my tips: if you want to buy souvenir, better price is available in Phnom Penh. They sell the same goods, and much more choices. (^_^)

The great dinner:
They call it as cows climbing up hill.

 The process:
 Step 1: Preheat the pan on stove, put a table spoon (or more) margarine on the pan and let it melt.

Step 2: Put the marinated beef (marinate with ketchup and egg) on the pan.

Step 3: Put some vegetables around the remaining space on the pan. Ready to serve with blackpepper sauce! <3


ahsfantasy24 said...

Gurl yang dalam gambar 1st tu memag cantik,
kau pan cantik wa, cuma posing je macam
kayu, hehehehe..

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Najwa Frankenstein said...

dia segan tu ha3. aku kt sblh tu abaikan je, x yah tgk :P