Saturday, December 17, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 2: The Treasures of Angkor

The time zone in Cambodia is 1 hour earlier than Malaysia. Before waking up at dawn, I already heard the sound of "ting~ ting~" like two swords clashed. Makcik told me the blacksmiths in the Mongkol Borey village start working every day early before 3 am. After the prayer, we take a tour at the whole village. 

Watch the background. It's still dark but they've started work already. *cough* I like hardworking man. ha3

Visiting their grandma from paternal side -whom I've known her as Maikok (great grandma) from my nephew Adam.

Favourite breakfast! Kuay teow soup with beef :D
Okay, I have a story about this boy:
I thought he's just a mere villager and found out his cutting ice activity was pretty eccentric for me. That's why I snapped his photos and we titled him as Iceboy. He seemed embarrassed - maybe cuz Shida, Nasuha and I were standing so close to watch what he did. Later we've been informed that he's Shida and Nasuha's cousin. Since that moment, each time he saw us, he'd hide and watch us from his hideout. While we keep joking as if he's our crush and who's gonna get him. People call him Along Din (his real name is privacy :P). 

After everything settled that morning, we went to Siem Reap - to see Angkor Wat! When I as 14, reading about this historical building, I was dreaming that I must reach there! :) 
Angkor Wat under construction.

Inside the temple: this is a place where the Buddhist pray to find love, or to get blessed.

Vain around is essential :P

Perspective view is nice :D

Kiddies selling souvenirs, but they failed tackling my dollars since they only speak Khmer. And I always joke around saying "Khun Khmer!" (I'm a Cambodian).

Angkor paintings around there. Nice realisme stroke.
 One idea, many colours. How creative art in making product :)


If I were not mistaken, we entered the Angkor at about 11 am, but finished playing around at 3 pm. How exhausting! Finally I step on this historical ruins. Yey~ next destination will be Machu Picchu! Ok, I'm kidding. :D


Dr.Senbe said...

i wont accept anything less than an iceboy for my souvenir. just saying ;))

Najwa Frankenstein said...

i'll substitute with ice cream.