Friday, December 16, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 1: Welcome

On previous 3rd December, I flied to Cambodia, without my parents. It may sounds weird for unemployed person like me to travel abroad without my guardian. Actually, I joined Kak Reeny (my sis in law)'s mom (which I just call as Makcik) and her 2 sis (Shida and Nasuha). Kak Reeny's parents are Cambodian, that's why I could reach this Indo-china country. This was not an ordinary vacation like I usually went to hotel, having tourist guide, etc. The reason is, Makcik was visiting her hometown in Mongkol Borey. So, Mama suggested me to join 'em to see how the villagers out there lead their daily life. Since I'm in this semester break, I agree, and skipped my Art class for 10 days HAHAHAHAH~

Insanity at the airport immigration.

One of Makcik's relatives fetched us in Phnom Penh airport. But before leaving, I managed to play around snapping some photos with my low battery camera D:

Shida with Cambodian famous taxi, Tuktuk.

We left the airport to visit one of the family in Phnom Penh and next went to Genocide Museum. This museum is the place where they placed all the skeletons and the history of victims of Khmer Rouge during Pol Pot reign. Makcik told us she was one of the servant like what is shown in the museum.
 Real victims skeletons.

Kak Reeny reminded me to purchased baguette (the long French bread) along the journey because it may turn as essential food on th road. She's right, and it's yummy! :D

Baguette is sold everywhere, but we bought some from bakery. 
After visiting some relatives in Phnom Penh and so on, we continued our journey to Makcik's brother's home in Mongkol Borey, more than 6 hours to reach there. We just slept, and when I opened my eyes, we're in Pursat region, dropped in a place to rest for a while. It's like a crocodile den.
 The distance between place I was standing is less than 2 meter to the crocodile. 

We arrived at home at 10 pm and I'll continue the story tomorrow :D

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