Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 5: The wet market

Still consider as our day off, I did love playing around in Mongkol Borey village. In morning, I followed Makcik to the wet market. This was my chance to ride on tuktuk! :D

 5 stars (huh?) tuktuk fetched us from the house! >.<

 Freezing morning~ Let's head to the market!

 10 minutes from home, we arrived! Woa~ (I guess it's sorta resembles in Malaysia =.=")

 Gold and money changer. $$$$$ everywhere. 

 By chance, the wet market is nearby to Makcik friend's house - they met in the war camp about 30 years ago.

 It's swordfish!!! I've eaten fried one in the village, and I like it :)

 Some kind of fishes they marinated with vinegar, salt, sugar, etc.

 Ready made nhem (read my prev entry) main ingredients.

 Marinated crabs with some kinds of sour thing (maybe vinegar and tamarind).

 Dried fish marinated with salt and brown sugar.

Remember I always watching blacksmith in the village? This is where they send the knives, hoes, etc. to be sold.

By chance we bumped into some villagers in the market and she said to me, "Well, this is Cambodia, look at our wet market, nothing special dear...". But for me, when I see something different, I call it special. =)

Additional story: (Just because I didn't snapped photos after that morning, I've forgotten my next journey).

At afternoon, we went to Batdambang, to Makcik's brother-in-law house.
Ok, this is Cambodian lemang, no banana leaves.


ahsfantasy24 said...

Weh, dia punya 5star tu ko naek eh?
Takde rasa nak jatuh ke? risau aku tengok..

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Najwa Frankenstein said...

selamat je. bkn dia bwk laju pun. :)