Sunday, June 26, 2011

How Girly Are You Survey

A random survey I found, share in your blog if you wish :)

1. Do you paint your nails?
> No.

2. Do you wash your hair every day?
> Yes.

3. Do you fix your hair nice everday?
> Yes.

4. Do you dress nice everyday?
> Not so, just simple shirt.

5. Do you drive a cute car?
> I don't drive. T_T

6. Do you carry a purse everywhere you go?
> Almost, it's a necessity.

7. Do you paint your toes?
> No.

8. Do you have your room decorated pretty?
> No, my room is just simple but decorated with paintings.

9. Do you wear jewelry?
> I used to - a ring in middle finger.

10. Do you wear makeup?
> Yes, thin layer when I go to class.

11. Do you wear name brand clothes?
> Sometimes.

12. Do you try to look better than other girls?
> No, I don't like to be in spotlight.

13. Do you like getting sweaty?
> Yes. I feel so healthy.

14. Do you work?
> No, I'm still studying.

15. If so, Where?
> -

16. Do you love to shop?
> Yes when my wallet is thick.

17. Where do you shop?
> Anywhere.

18. Do you wear perfume?
> Sometimes.

19. Do you get your Eye brows Waxed?
> Heck no!

20. If so, How often?
> -

21. Are you in a relationship?
> Yes, with God - the most important relationship you must have.

22. If so,Do you make your man do everything for you?
> zzz...

23. What is your favorite color?
> Dark brown.

24. Do you drink water or pop?
> Water.

25. Do you love shoes?
> Yes.

26. If so,What is your fav kind?
> Sneakers. 

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