Monday, June 27, 2011

My left eye sees you

It's about my left eye again. Finally I went to hospital, consider as unplanned for today's schedule. By coincidence I saw Ruhil and Kak Wani were saying hi to me when I was on the way to go back to hostel, they both were sitting on the bench at Dataran Bestari, waiting for taxi to go hospital. I joined 'em. Thank God, I don't need to wait until this Wednesday to go there as I planned. :D

Good thing was we didn't have to wait soooo long since there was not so many patients today. After seeing the Medical Assistant (MA), he directed me to do eye test. Some assistants there thought there was something wrong with my glasses and told me I should've changed the new one. And I told 'em again and again I change my glasses every single year, and the one I'm wearing now was made on February - and also the problem is just at my left eye, not both. Finally, the MA gave me a form to refer to ophthalmologist. I was like 'err.. do I have to?' 

Medicines from hospital - eye drops and chloro... (I've forgotten). I guess the pink cap looks so cute ha3

The appointment with ophthalmologist suppose to be 14th July, but I asked to postponed it since next week I'll start my practicum and no time to see the doctor. Plus, the appointment only available before noon. Thus, I'll be seeing the doctor on September - well I requested the date after I finish my practicum. The staff there even said "agaknya bulan 9 mata awak dah baik" and I replied "kalau baik saya tak datang la" =P 

I guess I got another sickness - headache, but more to left side head. Dear Allah, I hope I could endure all the pain as I did before. Make me stronger and full of patience, please. You always have the reason why You test me, and help me to accept it with faith. =)


nabil nabilah said...

be strong dear : )

wawamagic said...

tq 4 ur never ending support c: