Wednesday, June 8, 2011

N's day out

What is N? It refers to my initial and my date partner today.

My date today - Nabilah.

I asked Nabilah out to watch movie, and made her to drive my (later-gonna-be) MyVi. We went to BP Mall Big Cinema and purchased Kungfu Panda 2 3D tickets (and this reminded me that I should've made another pair of toric lens). While waiting 1.45pm for the movie, my tummy was singing "I'm hungry lalalalala~" So we attacked Rengit Coffee.

 Nokia VS Nikon

 A weirdo snapping photo of weird chairs.

 Our snack. Bean curd - beansprouts for you, cucumber for me. :P

 As usual, my favourite cuisine - noodle soup in chicken + mushroom broth.

 Thanks to Nabilah, she's the one whom put the shawl on my head =)

Purchasing new mouse. I may be a mouse killer, no mouse could last long till 5 months under my right hand. 

After Zohor prayer, we headed to cinema and watching Kungfu Panda 2 made us keep saying "inner peace"- that's how movie could influence our dialogue. What I really uncomfortable was wearing the 3D glasses doubled with my glasses. This wasn't the first time, I experienced it before when I was watching Narnia 3D. 

Went back, I drove and she observe by my side. Seemed I've lots more skill required to control the steering smoothly, especially at the corner. And I guess I did learn how to control it better :)

While I was turning right at my home entrance... I hit the short wall at the bridge. The damn good thing was, Ayah was waiting outside the house (actually he's putting the luggage in his car to go to Kakak's house) and of course I got free lecture again. Before he left, he told me to take care and do my art assignment properly :)

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