Friday, June 17, 2011

Finishing the semester break

I've been waiting for more than a year to use my passport, which will end June 2012 - so I went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with Yah, Nabilah and Nabihah. Departed from Yong Peng at about 5.30am, arrived at JB at 8.00 am - we parked the car at Tune Hotel JB, and purchased the 10.30 am bus and USS tickets there.  It's RM25 - bus (go and return) and $72 - USS (the minimum price without meal and hotel).  

Tune Hotel JB

While waiting for the bus, we went for breakfast nearby the hotel -
lontong + sambal sosej with ice lime drink.

And finally we're here! yey!

My companions.

And here are the places we went:
New York City

Light, Camera, Action Studio hosted by Steven Spielberg.

 Sci-Fi City. We played roller coaster - Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN
We're at the 1s row and it's WOW! I won't ride it anymore ha3

Ancient Egypt - my favourite studio!

We played another roller coaster - 
but it's indoor for this studio and much fun with the effect around.
In ditch black place, it's called as Revenge of the Mummy.

The Lost World - we went for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. 
It took 2 hours just to queue - the most crowded place. 
But it's worth. :) 

Take a break - have a box of nachos!

Far Far Away - Shrek 4D Adventure. 

We're starving and decided to eat and continue going to Madagascar after the lunch (but it's 5.00pm already) - we entered the food court and one staff said,

"I'm sorry girls, most of the food here are non halal, you can only eat nasi ayam penyet there" (pointed at nasi ayam penyet booth)

and as we're about to go there, other staff said,
"Miss, I rasa jangan makan kat sini tau, walaupun tu nasi ayam, tapi kami takde certificate halal, jadi kalau rasa was was baik makan kt Egypt dengan Shrek je, kat sana memang confirm halal."

When we're about to exit, another staff said,
"Girls, we're sorry we don't provide halal food here, pork and lard are served. Really sorry, you can go to Egypt cafe or Shrek."

Well, thanks to the staffs for being aware of Muslim's sensitivity.

Late lunch at Oasis Spice Cafe - Pharaoh's Baryani set.

It was so late to go to Madagascar, since our bus was at 7.30, and we need to rush. But before leaving the USS, I noticed the  Walk of Fame at Hollywood Boulevard. 

Sorry for my pose Elton John, I only managed to snap on yours. Ha3

It's a great experience and we planned to visit there again next time, because we probably can't make time like this holiday to go out together - Yah is going to work soon while Nabilah will continue her upcoming semester without break. Or perhaps I'll go with someone else. ha3~


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wanna do mine soon after "sedut" the pictures from you.. haha

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