Friday, June 10, 2011

The story of nasi lemak + visiting the ancestors

When I was brushing my teeth this morning, suddenly something ran in my head - it's nasi lemak. At the same time, I heard the sound of Ayah's car. Mama and he just went back from the mosque for Subuh prayer. Good thing was, they really bought nasi lemak! Last time I ate it was in practicum - around March and April.

 Just ordinary nasi lemak, but it's very precious when you're craving it.

Though nasi lemak is the most common breakfast in Malaysia, I seldom choose as breakfast cause I don't want to get sleepy in class. Ayah said it's just unacceptable theory saying coconut milk could make people sleepy since he ate nasi lemak almost every single day when he was still working and it gave him no effect. Perhaps he's right about it because eating curry would give me no effect either. Somehow, any type of rice would make me sleepy easily, that's one of the reason I rarely take rice for breakfast and dinner.

After breakfast, we went to the graveyard behind Parit Arshad's mosque - to visit our ancestors. I offered myself to drive and Mama said she would rather ride motorcycle herself instead of being my passenger. That's very offensive, though she didn't do it.  (T_T)

 Tanah Perkuburan Masjid Parit Arshad

 The area where my ancestors were buried.

 Reciting Yaasin - oh how ascetic my face! ha3

Part time tomb guardian. ha3

On the way back, I drove again and I noticed I could control the car better on narrow road. Thus, I asked Ayah whether he would let me drive myself to college and he said I should take Kakak's Atoz instead of my (soon-gonna-be) MyVi, but I said I wanted his City more (indeed I was joking). However, it's too far to make him trust me since I park real sucks! 4 months more to get my CDL but my confidence and skill seem as if I just got P by previous 4 months. 


si Bulat said...

saya masih berbangga kerana kak wawa berjaya mendapatkan P..

wawamagic said...

elaun aku x msuk lg. =P

ainko said...

mak sy jual ns lemak..jmptla dtg klu nak..hehe

wawamagic said...

he3 i like!