Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 years passed

It's been 4 years she left me and Malaysia for her further study in USA after SPM. I'm referring to my missing best friend - Yah. She has just graduated in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and today was the first time I met her since 2007, she had never come back here even once for 4 years because she's damn hardworking taking extra class and vacation every semester break. 

Please forgive her insanity. 

We went out to BP together with Nabilah and her cousin, Nabihah. They both renewed their passports while Yah renewed he IC - how come 22-year-old dude was still using 12-year-old IC? That's why I said she's insane. Insane after leaving me for 4 years ha3.

While waiting Nabilah and Nabihah's (hey I like your name when it comes together) passports, we went to BP Mall - I was planning to call on Maxis Centre to upgrade my broadband plan and Yah was searching for iPhone charger - she's insane for leaving the charger in US.

Nevertheless, when it came to girls' walk - windows shopping was still essential. (except for me lalalala~)

Dropped by at Giordano store.

 What so excited watching designed tee but she purchased nothing LOL

An ALIEN appeared when I was shooting at the mirror.

This one was serious - Yah purchased this pumps for her interview soon.

Finished shopping (and I was just a guide for Yah whole day)  - we went to Rengit Coffee (again) for lunch.
No specific meaning - just showing honey lemon beverage - my favourite!

Honey lemon, orange, hot tea and soy jelly grass.

After taking the passports, we went to Yah's home and snapped some photos at her new gazebo.
PUNCHED! If only I could do this at her - this was what she used to bully me at primary school. 

Back then she's much taller than me, but today she's just 9 cm taller. 
I should've taken more calcium before seeing her back! >.<

Late evening, we went to pasar malam - that's what Yah has dreamed so long to go to a place where she could buy any food with less worry of halal matter. My semester break is about to finish, and I have not much time to bully her back before she starts working and I'm continuing my upcoming 3 semesters.

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