Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Journey to the east coast

3 days 2 nights holiday in Kelantan - real target was attending Nur Hakimah a.k.a. Imah's wedding.
9.15 pm: Taking bus from Yong Peng to Pasir Puteh - with 3 more friends taking from Segamat. Sleepy night, I was sitting beside a middle aged man, whom slept like a monster, conquering a part of my seat as well. Luckily I was quite patient that moment, or else he would have slept on the road already.

5.15 am: arrived at Pasir Puteh. The driver actually drove damn fast, we supposed to reach at Pasir Puteh on 6.30 am. Calling my classmate, Heir to fetch 4 of us. 

Skip the time, after Subuh prayer, we went to:
for breakfast.

Touring around Pasir Puteh with Heir as our driver, he asked us whether we want to go to Kota Bharu or Jeram Linang. I'd like to KB (thinking about museum and other interesting buildings), while the rest chose the waterfall - so unplanned picnic. 

 fall~ fall~ fall~ waterfall~

At the afternoon, we went to Imah's house. Yey~ we're so excited since she's our 1st classmate who got married. Just visiting Imah and her family before solemnizing of marriage night. We like her family a lot, they're very friendly, including her kiddy kiddy nephews and niece. Well, that's how teacher's family (her mom, dad, bro, sis, sis-in law - all teachers) *in proud intonation* ha3

Next, we went to Machang, Heir's parents hometown - the 4 of us stayed in his granny's (from paternal side) house while he stayed in his granpa's (from maternal side) house. Just 5 minutes from both house. 

 View from the car - road to Machang.

Cows walking in herds - perhaps almost hundred we could see, crossing the road.

At that night, we went to Pasir Puteh again~
Last photo with Ms Hakimah before she turned to Mrs. ha3
She's always beautiful, whether with or without cosmetic make up. =)

 Certificate of marriage - officially Mrs. Hakimah now!
7.00 am - Visiting Machang's hot spring - the common place where the villagers take bath every morning. 

9.00 am - Attacking Rantau Panjang - last time I went here was 16, with Mama. Not much has changed, except the price rate. ($.$) Let's see what has made me so eccentric here:

 just usual.

 Unique-shaped fishcakes, pink ears kitty with eyes made me no appetite to purchase it. ha3

 So portable, eh?
10.00 am - leaving house earlier to attend Imah's wedding - actually to find bus ticket. However... well, when you have chance to decide yourself where to go...


Ha3 what so ladylike visit at beach!!!

tadaaaa~ we still made it!!! yey congrats my dear friend Imah <3

Before leaving Pasir Puteh, we went to another waterfall, I forgot already what's the name Jeram ?????

 What's your name, Jeram????

 Fish satay - a type of snack available in east coast and north. I've never found in Johore. 

 When the Johorians and Selangorian found what they've never eaten...

estimated 7.30pm - waiting to leave Kelantan, and my bus was at 9.11pm.

6.30 am  - arrived at Yong Peng, as I reached home, I put all my dirty cloth into washing machine and zzzzzzzz.....................
1.00 pm - awake!! huh??? =.= I found out... 

KTM member card has arrived.

 My 2 loyal nephews were waiting for me. =)

Adam: CU-WA-WAAA!!! Pergi mana???!!! Jom la kita main prince kayu selamatkan princess!!! (Showed his wooden toy - bought by Kakak)
Aiden: Ohh~ ohh~ pe? pe? (He's asking what we're doing - disturbing us, separated and pulled out Adam's prince from the wooden base)
Adam: Adik ni macam kambing kecik la!!!! (Referring Aiden as baby lamb in Timmy Time)


si Bulat said...

wah sangat jeles...!
kak wawa boleh tolong belikan tiket?hehehe..

ahsfantasy24 said...

xmai uma ak pun ea??

wawamagic said...

si bulat: tiket firefly bole la ha3
ayu: ha3 serius x smpt. ko kwin nnti aku dtg ;D